Sunday, August 24, 2008

MORE>>>Feel better Sunday work...


1.Ghost Eye Treet  cased from  2. Love cased from  3.  Butterfly cased from  4.  Best Wishes cased from  5.  Funny Flower

Feel better Sunday work...

1. Big Pinks cased from  2.  Balloons cased from   3.  Roses on Snowflakes cased from  4. Happy cased from 5.  Five brads cased from

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Messages from a far.

I hope all of you visiting leave a comment.  I love to know more about you.  Michoacan  I have been there, and Barrow, Alaska, and born and reared in Fresno.  Maybe an incentive will help.  I have a card making kit for those that leave a comment.  Drawing on Monday 12 noon California time.

Last ones complete today

1.  Treasure Life cased from here    2,  You make life sweet cased from here.  3.  Pink Snowflake cased here.  4.  Happy Birthday  cased from here.  5.  And my favorite Happy Birthday cased here.    Guess I am feeling better.  Taking new meds at night,  still dizzy when I get up but getting better,  but 100% better.  Taking time to case all my favorite from google reader.  Seem like the more I do the more show up and I love it.

Last one in this batch...

1.  Cased from   here

More Cased Favorites

These cards are cased from the following sites...  1. Love here   2. Dec. Joy forever here   scroll drown to see card  3. Yellow Flowers here  4. Party  here  

The last card and the leftover scraps...


Well, that is the last of the patterned scraps.  I still have leftover cardstock but that is for the next post.  Okay let's see what I did.  Oh yeah I cased my saved cards or sketches to use with the scraps..This last card still needs it's sentiment but it was cased here.

Well now for the cards from the Anna Griffin scraps...

1.  Love you cased from here.
2,  SC186 cased from here.

3.Happy Birthday  here and here.

4.  Yeehaw cased from here
5.  Love Geneously cased from here.

And now the last pages of Accordion Book

I knew how I felt was real when...

I received my Anna Griffin Kit and CTMH supplies on the same day.  All I could do was eye then from across the room.  Soooo on Thursday omitted three of the meds and began to feel better.  Two energy spurts created this 12x12 page and an accordion book (next post).  I matted each printed paper onto asimiar color of CTMH cardstock.  Just a personal preference of mine to have printed paper layered by plain cardstock.
By Friday I met Dr. and he changed one of the meds.  Bless him.  While I wasn't back to normal I was able to work on using up almost all of my scraps.                                    
Here is the cover of the Accordion Book.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


P.S. An 'ah' moment.  Took morning meds  and in 30 minutes my heart rate was up and feeling faint and by afternoon needed to put ice on  can hardly wait for meds to leave my system.  Ever wish you could undo the swallowing of a pill?

Sleep solution...on ice.

Went to Sunday service which is a 45 minute drive.  I was sooo warm and sweaty I want to sit on floor next to a cool wall.  After service I put a wet napkin on my neck and laid on the couch.  Finally my blouse absorbed enough water to cool me and I put napkin on my forehead.  I napped for the next hour and decided to go home.  Bummer, I missed sharing and lunch which I had preppaid.  I spent the rest of the day sleeping at home.
My bright idea for sleeping at night was to place cold wet wash cloth on my head and one of those neck thingies around my neck.  Wow another night of sleep and most of the day Monday.   Now I am putting the cloth in the freezer and then on me.  I look funny but I am cool.  I have a drs. appt on Friday.  
Tuesday another night of sleep with frozen cloth on head and neck.  Sure hope I have more energy than yesterday cause this is getting old.
My order of envies and jackets arrived last evening, I had been out since January.  I was able to put cards with envies and in jackets finally.  Almost 300 cards.
And now back to casing saved blogs.  I love being able to have time for the different designs.
Charmaine<  thank you for stamped Sophia.  more later.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazing what a whole night of sleep can do.

The following designs were inspired from splitcoaststampers,  The first one I haven't found where credit is due.  Peace was inspired here.  Number 3 is here .  The last two here and  here.

The value of the slow down in the economy has given me time to get inspired from all the sites I saved on google reader.  Sometimes a window is closed and a door opens Or is it vice-a-versa.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Better Day and cased work

So today was a better day.  Felt better even with just 4 hours sleep, then a nap. Split sleep is very normal for me and it is a bummer.  Late afternoon felt funny again.  Strange took blood pressure and it was normal(120).   Finally felt better around 9:30 when pressure went up to 130.  Sure hope this levels out soon.  I still have things to do and places to be.

Just 4 Fun Crafts

What a fun card Ms. Jenn at Just 4 Fun Crafts sent me.  Be sure to scroll down and look at her gallery.