Monday, September 29, 2008

Working the Green Planet

I have a new driving goal called Momentum Van.  I slowly urge my car to the speed limit and on down hills take my foot off the gas.  It has been sooo much fun to see how far the car can go on momentum without infuriating other drivers.
We put in those expensive screw ball bulbs, recycle containers as gifts, use the fans, open the doors when it cools down, reuse all of my scraps, and now for the yucky.  Considering showering once a year, shampoo hair when it is glued to my head, wear the same clothes four days, brush teeth on even numbered days, breathe slower so as not to use as much oxygen.  I may be single by the end of the month and then again I could literally be green. lol

Oh My Gosh.....

I am overwhelmed with orders and its a good thing.  2 baby books ( waiting for album to ship), 50 thank you cards ( half completed), 10 -15 one gallon paint cans in dog theme(2 completed), 9x9 album (2 page layout completed), plus I just completed 36 one gallon cans maybe 8 left, 24 nugget tins, and tictacs.  It is a good thing cause I needed to order supplies.  Hope they all come in this week.  The house looks like a disaster hit and the craft area certainly is a disaster.  My thumbs hurt from tying knots and I am loving all of it pain and all.  Hope to get pics when I straighten photo area.  I need a cook and

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wylde Women Award from De

De very generously presented me with this award. It's called the Wylde Women award and the purpose of it is to "send love and acknowledge the women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy". I feel very priveleged, especially because of what the award stands for.

The rules are:

1 You can give it to one or one hundred and any number inbetween - your choice.
2. Make sure you link to their site.
3. Link back to this blogsite so Tammy can visit all these wonderful women. Tammy is the originator of the award and a talented artist.
4. Remember the purpose of the award.

Thank you so much De for this award! You're artwork, techniques, and dedication to the paper craft art are inspirational.

So I nominate Elaine Cota, Beth Ranney-Thomas,

The Wylde Women Award from De

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tins from Specialty Bottle

I just order a case (216) of hinged tins with clear tops and they will arrive Wed.  If you live in the Inland Empire in Ca and want to buy some left me know.  They are priced at 1.50 apiece.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hearts-n-Crafts Etc. my favorite store and why

I love this store for the variety of products that  it has.  I wish they would blog all of their special projects that they do.  In fact all of my Sept blog pics are products from their store.  Scroll to previous blog and check out their site.  Give me positive ideas that could improve their site and or your favorite business site and I will have a drawing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Countdown to Christmas, Valentine's, Fourth of July, and my birthday

Found this neat project at my favorite scrap store.  Jan at the store suggested that yo decorate two sides and I decided to do all four sides.  I put eyelets on the two side and tied with embroidery thread as a handle.  I need more eyelets for the birthday side and need to fill in the rest of blank spaces.  But just like the child I had to take a pic before it was done.  Enjoy.

Recycle the Can

I wanted one of those clear cans however the cost was more than buying this can filled with embellishments.  So I empty can and lined it with web acrylic paper added a spider between paper and can.  I suspended a demensional element from lid and added some candy.
There was more candy but the spider ate it. lol

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Peek-through Book

As I child I loved books that had tunnels and hidden objects.  So when CTMH came out with an acrylic album I was hooked to create one.  I traced the acrylic album pages and began at the back of the album.  I cut openings in the pages originally for pictures.  Each page had a front and back attached with re-positional tape so it could be transfered to the acrylic page.  But alas as I was finishing it I wanted to put a spider web transparency in between those pages.  And suddenly I didn't want to transfer it to acrylic but just continue on.  Then I added Halloween images to peek through the web covered openings.  There are still places to put personal photos or additional images.  This was sooooo much fun.  Hope you like it.

A Peek-through Book

A Peek-through Book

A Peek-through Book


Halloween Creations

Halloween Creations


1.  I have one more however I forgot photo matting so back to the drawing board.

Halloween Creations

I got tired.  More later.

Halloween Creations

Well I loaded these backwards.  Scroll down one to see the beginning of this flip book.

Another Flip-out Book

Happy Halloween Flip out Book

1.  Outside cover.  2.  Inside  3.   Right hand side opened

Happy Halloween Book