Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scraping Retreat....

We arrived in McPherson and went to Maple House.  Wrong was for alhzeimers patients. both the caregiver and us were most shaken up.  Finally found the correct place. 12-13 delightful ladies, some new friends and some old friends.  I took work that had been hanging around the house for awhile unfinished.  I was able to finish about half.  Elaine wasn't able to make the trip and we were staying in McPherson after the retreat was over.  So we left one day early so as to dropped down to Mesa on the way home.  We were able to have dinner together.  I miss talking to her.
Cracker Barrel....We do not have this store and restaurant in California so every town that had a cracker barrel we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Always with berry cobbler to go,  even after breakfast.  
We only stopped at one Scrapbooking store this trip...About Memories and More in Flagstaff.
It has a well rounded choice of supplies and lots of deco paper.  A nice work workroom in the back.  If you are in that area drop on by.  It is the store on Cedar off of Fourth.  I bought some things I hadn't seen before.
Trip home seem like God kept stretching the freeway especially the last day.  Finally made it, picked up dog, and made a trip to chiropractor.
Friday I had a Drs. appt cause my blood pressure is out of control, got new perscriptions and 
referral for four weeks of physical therapy, and xray of my knee.
I dealt with lower back pain and leg pain by sleeping with ice packs on my hips and ice packs on my thigh and knee.  This pain is getting old after 5 months.  My suggestion to you is to not get an older body.
Cupcake templates came in the mail while I was gone.  So today I have been making paper cupcakes for the gals from the retreat.  Maybe I can post pics tomorrow.

The Ride to McPherson

converging on Mc Pherson on Saturday.  Snow from Albuquerque to Dalhart.  There is probably a special word for this light flimy miniature dots of snow that melt upon hitting the ground.  We huckered down in our room, ordered pizza to be delivered, locked the bathroom door from the outside.  I did some paper crafts as I brought let's clean up this mess and along the way I was able to organized two baskets of stuff.  Remember there is a lot of paper in our car.  BTW our car is a PT crusier so it is packed just high enough to see our the rearview mirror and all air pockets are full...under seats, door panels, and passenger side floor.
Description of entering passenger side.  Enter butt first, sit. then swing feet in and up to rest on backpack that stores my clothes.  Between backpack and seat are two acrylic   stamp storage boxes; kleenex, purse.  Now place round pillow under my knees.
Oh did I tell you I am sitting on a special lazy susan for cars to swing in and out.  nice but after long rides I have numb butt.  It also means I sit two inches higher in the car.  Almost ready to start the car honey.
Locate the tensunit and hookup,  add ice packs to upper leg, now the blanket, oops pick up ice pack off floor, now add ski cap. scarf around my neck and arrange body pillow for head rest.  Now gloves.  Ok ready to leave Abbuquerque.  This scene is repeated at each 100 mile stop.  I won't belabor Craig getting in and out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flagstaff to Albuquerque

We arrived in Flagstaff...ate at Cracker Barrel.  Love their food and store.  We don't have Cracker Barrel in Ca.  Bought their blackberry cobbler and peach cobbler mix.  All I need is the pastry.  However I have discovered when lazy just pour this stuff over ice cream.  Found something for my secret pal.  mmmm mmmmm good
I packed light  one roll on bag of clothes and ten tons of scrapping stuff.  Craig is having to adjust to braking because of the weight.  You wouldn't think paper would weigh so much.  lol
We were both in bed at 8:00 and awake two hours later.
And tomorrow off to Albuquerque.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thank You

And to the traveling team we will have stop over in Flagstaff, Albuqurque,  Dalhart, Texas,  and McPherson, Kansas.   If we are near were you live and want to meet let me know.  Or if there are special scrap stores.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A few more

Some more sweet treats.

It may look like I've been busy however...

I finally had to have an MRI of my spine.  Which meant I had to get up off the couch.... so every once in a while I was making cards.  Yesterday after 3 1/2 hours of physical therapy I felt well enough to photograph cards.  My advice do not get older... and if you do exercise and stretch your spine .  You can tell my favorite thing to do is exercise... ugh!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Gina K Designs

Happy Easter

The Greeting Farm

What a fun set from The Greeting Farm.  Now and Forever is an album cover.