Sunday, June 02, 2013

My health

Boy I thought this would be easy. All the words are in my head. However getting them on paper is very different. Last week I was in the hospital for an over night stay and a ct. Scan. I initially went thinking I had pleurisy but low and behold it was a referring pain from my abdomen. A CT scan of chest made them question what they saw and they ordered one of my abdominal cavity which showed lesions in my liver. They took a biopsy and today I received the results. I have pancreatic cancer that has mastastasized to my liver. When questioning the doctor if I would be on earth for Christmas. He said yes. However living to eighty was a no. I will be meeting with an oncologist and we will go from there. One day at a time. My personal choice is quality of life rather than quantity. If you feel different please do not share with me as it uses up my energy for living. I have not made any cards or crafts for over a month and really miss it. Right now my life consists of eating, sleeping, but mostly sleeping and resting.